Let's tackle testosterone deficiency (TD)

The Tackle TD campaign has been developed to raise awareness of testosterone deficiency (TD) and aims to provide men who may have the condition with the information and resources they require to seek the help they need.

* The prevalence of hypogonadism was 38.7% in men aged ≥45 years presenting to primary care offices, with significantly higher rates in men with obesity and/or type 2 diabetes, regardless of age1,2,3

What is TD?

It’s a hormonal change that AFFECTS MEN OF ANY AGE which results in a very low testosterone level...

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Can TD be treated?

TD CAN BE TREATED with a wide range of different testosterone replacement therapies...

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Did you know?

If you feel you may be suffering from testosterone deficiency, talk to your doctor about your concerns.

You need sufficient testosterone to maintain sexual function, general health & wellbeing

Having adequate testosterone levels throughout life is necessary to maintain sexual desire and erectile function, as well as general health and vitality/energy.4-8

If you've been suffering from a lack of energy, fatigue, low sex drive, impotence (also known as erectile dysfunction), depressed mood, decreased strength and/or endurance, these aren’t just signs of getting older. You may be experiencing symptoms of low testosterone.9-11 Sexual problems (low sex drive and erectile dysfunction) are the most common symptoms of low testosterone.9 The good news is that testosterone deficiency can be treated effectively with a wide range of different testosterone treatments.4-7
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Remember there are no right or wrong answers, this is only a guide to help you and your doctor or nurse.


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