Team Talk with Harry Redknapp

Team Talk

Harry Redknapp has done it all in football and his team talks are legendary, but his latest pub team talk takes the 'hairdryer treatment' to another level…

The Tackle TD campaign has been developed to raise awareness of testosterone deficiency (TD) and aims to provide men who may have the condition with the information and resources they require to seek the help they need.

Think you’ve got low testosterone?

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If you’re rarely in the mood for sex, often feel tired, have a low mood and perhaps have difficulty getting an erection, these aren’t just inevitable signs of getting older. You may be experiencing symptoms of low testosterone.

If you are concerned that you may have low testosterone, or you’re in any of the risk groups mentioned above, complete our symptom checker and talk to your doctor. With a simple blood test, it is possible to determine your testosterone level and establish whether or not you have low testosterone.

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