If you want to report a side effect of medication, please contact your doctor, nurse or pharmacist, or go to

For side effects or quality complaints for Bayer products you can also email or call the Medical Information department Tel: 01182063116.

Contacting Bayer in the UK/Ireland region:

  • General suggestions, comments or questions for Bayer in the UK/Ireland region - please contact Communications.
  • Specific business or product enquiries - please use the contact details on the relevant Businesses page.
  • Media enquiries - please use the contact details on the News, Media Enquiries page.
  • Bayer in the Republic of Ireland - please visit the Bayer Ireland website.
  • Requests for sponsorship or support - please read the Corporate Social Responsibility pages and use the application form within those pages.

Your data will be handled confidentially and used only for the mentioned purposes. We will not give your data to third parties.